About Us


Our guiding principle is to use what surrounds us.  Our bodies grow here, live here, and are sustained here so why not take advantage of the magnificent trees, fruits and healing herbs that abound in our gardens and fields? Surely we and our bodies understand these better than exotic ingredients imported from far across the world? Surely it's better for the environment?  In fact we'd go so far as to say the way we work is best for your baby, best for you, best for the earth.

We started making organic botanical skincare at Great Elm Physick Garden since 2006. Then, as more mums with young children approached us, and our own children needed better skin care than we could find, we started to develop products that were safe and gentle for pregnancy, for new mums and our little ones' delicate skin. Little Herbs was born 2014. 

For all our recipes we consult a qualified Medical Herbalist who is a member of The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy

Of course we can’t take away all your parental concerns but we can provide the very best skin care for you and your baby.

  • Little Herbs are pure, nutritious and healing.
  • We use traditional English country garden plants, seed oils, honey and beeswax. Nothing else.
  • We like to keep things simple because that way they're more effective.
  • We never use anything nasty.
  • We endeavour to do our very best by the environment.
  • We use no colourants; no fillers, ‘parfums’, chemical preservatives, parabens, phlalates; no mineral oils, no alcohol; no palm oil, nor palm oil derivatives.
  • We pack in glass - or lined aluminium tins - both easily recycled
  • Just pure, simple, natural nourishment and healing for tender skin. 
  • We develop and make all the products in Frome, Somerset.


If you have any questions about Little Herbs, how we make them, what we put in them or how we design them, please contact hello@littleherbs.co.uk