Breast Balm: helps make breast care easy

Our breasts are affected by hormones throughout our life but never more so than during and after pregnancy. Little Herbs’ incredible Breast Balm is a special blend of nutritious oils that will protect and support the delicate skin of the breast area at the time of a woman’s life when it is at its most vulnerable.

The gentle balm is full of pure and organic, mother and baby friendly, ingredients. Generous quantities of wonderfully restorative rosehip seed oil are blended with Omega 3 & 6 rich almond and apricot kernel oils along with a sprinkling of other vitamins and trace elements – all designed to promote skin health and healing - are added. Finally our unique balm is boosted by the addition of one of nature’s most extraordinary elements – beeswax. Beeswax adds extra healing qualities, helps to keep the balm fresh, makes it soft and smooth to apply, and to stay where it’s put!

You can use our delicious Breast Balm in various ways: during pregnancy it can help to  soothe away the tenderness and irritation that occurs and to strengthen and help prepare your breasts for motherhood. You can continue to use it throughout your life too: it's great as an aid to gentle massage during regular breast checks, not only for its 'glide' but for its nutritional value to the skin itself.

Then, of course, comes the main reason that Little Herbs created our balm: to offer new mother’s an effective, natural aid to breast feeding. Breast Balm offers instant relief to the sore, cracked nipples and sensitive distended skin that so many women experience in the first days and weeks of nursing their baby.  The intense pain of sore nipples is one of the most common reasons that new mothers give for stopping breast feeding however determined they initially were to follow the mantra of ‘breast is best’. And you can rest assured that there is nothing in this balm which would be harmful to your baby.

Breast Balm can aid rapid repair and help new mothers to continue breastfeeding for the recommended three months or longer. And whenever you decide it is time to offer the bottle instead, or indeed, if you have found breastfeeding impossible, Breast Balm is there to help the pain and discomfort many mothers experience during weaning.   But breastfeeding isn’t always a possibility: it can happen for all sorts of reasons, none of which are your fault, so cast that thought out if that dangerous little worry-worm enters your head, even for a moment.

The most important thing is that you, Dear Mum, are at ease with your baby.  Listen to your body, and hear your baby’s needs. Sometimes they won’t coincide and, frankly, stressing helps no-one. So that’s the time to sit down, take a couple of deep breaths, bring calm cool thoughts to mind, give your baby a snuggle and enjoy the moment. Now that really is nature’s balm.