How to cool that summer skin

When the the sun comes out to play and the temperature rises, the unaccustomed body can feel a little hot and sweaty. That’s especially true when you’re stuck in the workplace or at your computer with no fan or you’ve overdone the heat on the beach.

Rest easy: Little Herbs have a solution!  A healthy option, which is very affordable, extremely simple and very practical. There are no nasty chemicals involved, no long supply distances, it smells divine, and the children will love it too.  Just the sort of thing we like here at Little Herbs.

First find 500ml of mineral water, still not fizzy. Next: pour into a clean jug/bowl and drop in a couple of teaspoons of organic loose green tea (bags will do but won’t have the same impact). Leave it for an hour or so, strain and decant into a small spray bottle.  You can keep the rest in the fridge for a couple of days but no longer. 

Green tea, according to science, is packed with health and beauty benefits that you can enjoy whether drinking it or applying directly to your skin. Even the leaves can be used as a gentle exfoliant, guaranteed to give your skin a healthy glow.

No green tea?  Try mint, or rosemary, elderflower or glorious basil – you will get better results with fresh herbs but, at a pinch, tea bags will do. A handful, roughly chopped, would be perfect. You don't have to stick to one only of course - blend according to your preference.

You could also make a herb tea in the usual way with hot water and then let it cool before straining it and filling up that spray bottle.

As an alternative to mineral water, you could use a floral water (also known as hydrosols, or hydrolats) such as lavender or rose and steep green tea in that instead. The aroma will be gorgeous!

Whatever your choice of herbs and liquids, I think you’ll enjoy this spritz.

Here’s to a cool time!