The way we are

For our first blog, on our beautiful new site, we thought you might like to know a bit more about the way we work, and why. 

The thing is that we worry.

One of our big worries is that people are using all sorts of chemical combinations on their bodies that aren’t very good for them, and certainly not for the vulnerable bodies of small people. Nor, indeed, for the planet. There’s plenty of science to back those worries up.  We also think that if you’re worried about something then it’s worth taking some action and there’s plenty of sense, we think, in trying to keep things simple.

So we made Little Herbs.

It’s common knowledge that babies, and pregnant women, have delicate skin, and changing skin, and that skin absorbs at least 60% or more of whatever is put on it. Remember, too, that skin is the biggest organ your body has: it keeps the other organs inside, of course, and protects them. It seems only sensible to be a bit careful about the things you use on that marvellous epidermis, just as you’re careful about what you eat.

‘The best local and seasonal ingredients’ has become the mantra of good food in public and private kitchens across the country. And that’s because local means freshness, less travel, understanding of ingredients and what they do, how they interact and, yes, maybe to cherish tradition as well.  These are all the things that interest us here at Little Herbs and, we believe, all this is good for Planet Earth.

Little Herbs took a decision right at the start to use only the best ingredients we could find. In fact our ingredients are so good we would be more than happy to eat any one of them (although we can't guarantee how tasty they would all be!).

We use traditional seeds, plants, honey and beeswax from the English country garden because we understand them: they grow around us, our bodies are used to them, they breathe the same air.  So we don't have to worry about odd things happening with exotic herbs because it has been badly sourced or not fully understood.

We choose, as well, to follow the old herbalists’ rule of using the best possible ingredients and the fewest feasible. That way each and every beneficial ingredient has the best chance of doing its job to the max without interference from competing components.

Each and every ingredient we use at Little Herbs has organic certification because it is reassuring to know that the herbs, oils and bee-products we use have been grown in harmony with the environment, and us. It fits our ethos.

Rest assured that we are compliant with the strict EU safety standards on cosmetics which you can see here

If you’d like to know more about harmful chemicals used in skincare products here are a couple of useful links:

 MEANWHILE this is what Little Herbs are all about:

  • Little Herbs skincare is pure, simple and totally natural.
  • Every Little Herb is 100% natural and organic.
  • Every Little Herb is mercifully free from harmful ingredients: NO colourants, phoney aromas, NO thickeners, mineral oil or lanolin: NO parabens or laurates or Genetically Modified Organisms, gelatine or fillers, or anything else we dislike.
  • Every Little Herb is tested only on Willing Human Beings, never animals.
  • A little bit of every Little Herb goes a long, long way.

So you see: you don't have to worry. At least not about Little Herbs.