Little Herbs - new and raring to go!

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Take a good look at our new range of organic herbal skincare for babies - and their mums - direct from Apple Island, deep in the heart of sunny Somerset.   
Little Herbs are made with certified organic herbs and oils, beeswax and honey - nothing nasty and nothing you wouldn't want to eat.  Why would you put on your skin what you would never want to consume?   Our Little Herbs may look cheeky but they're full of goodness: kind to the skin and generous with their benefits.
We love them so much that we've created a story for each one and a song too.  You can read their stories on the inside of our packs. And you can listen to their songs on our Little Herbs website.  Little Herbs creams and oils used to be made for Great Elm Physick Garden (our dear sister) and won awards for being so good. Now they have a fab fresh look that is perfect for babies - and their mums.

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