The stories and songs about Apple Island

Babby Balm and Bobby Oil. Bertie Bessie life on Apple Island Sal Tommy where the sun shines all day

When we were creating Little Herbs, the characters became so real for us that we could see them living here, on our island, Apple Island, near Frome in Somerset.

The island is a wonderful place full of rabbits, and apple trees, flowers and bees.  And Ginger, our very naughty dog.  To this island came Bertie, Tommy, Sal, Bessie, Babby Balm and Bobby Oil.  And the result was - well - you can read all about them on their boxes and listen to their songs right here on our website.

All stories and songs have been written by the magnificent Charles Nevin, the music is by the incomparable Kiran Pearce, and the singing is from the sweet-voiced Alice Marlow-Stevens.

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