The shock of motherhood!

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Motherhood? It was a total shock! I had such romantic ideas of 'bringing home the baby', feeling in control and content. But there I was, only a little over six hours after I'd given birth, back at our house. I was tired and sore and had absolutely no idea what to do with my tiny noctornal bundle. A nappy change took 20 minutes, a feed took 45 minutes and don't even get me started on leaving the house.
We did eventually find our rhythm and life, although very much changed, did get easier and mercifully a lot faster. I have found life with a child is as though someone has hit the fast-forward button. I'm still finding it hard to believe I have a little girl of 16-months, who is walking, talking, climbing and most importantly sleeping!
After Esme was born, I tirelessly threw myself in to all sorts of groups, baby massage, baby yoga, music and movement, Bumps & Babes, baby swimming and even a Mum & Baby pilates class, followed by....(like all activities on maternity leave) coffee and a lot of cake.
Parenthood is a joy but it is also definitely a mystery, and I'm learning every day. I'm lucky enough to have made some fantastic friends since having my little girl and find myself aghast at sort of things I now have to worry me: at the moment the hot topic is how to get the veg and protein into that little body. I find myself musing about why my divine, individual, toddler-sized, fish pie that I have slaved over for what seemed hours, is being rejected while every time I turn around that little girl of mine is in the dog food or dangling a beetle dangerously close to her mouth. Is she hungry? Or simply in need of protein?
By first-time mum Marina Wild, who lives in Frome.

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