What's the point of Baby Oil for massage and bathing?

Baby Love Massage Oil Organic

Little Herbs created Baby Oil for two main reasons – to help the Little One’s skin stay in peak condition and to act as a really good medium for baby massage. Massage has become very popular because it is such a natural thing to do and is amazingly beneficial. It can help with easing colic and wind, lowering tension, attaining better sleep and communicating with your Little One.

You know as well as anyone that babies respond to touch and it is instinctive for you, Dear Mum, to soothe your Little One by stroking and cuddling, or rubbing the Little One’s back. That’s the beginning of massage. You can go to classes, of course, when the Little One is over six weeks old, but it is easy enough to start in the familiar surroundings of your own home as soon as possible. You will find you love it just as much as your Little One does.

Massaging raises the levels of those fabulous feel-good hormones in both you and your baby, so that you both feel more relaxed and at ease. It is very helpful at dispelling those awful ‘baby blues’ that can follow birth. And it can even help with breast-feeding if that’s proving a bit tricky.

It’s also a brilliant way for other people in your Little One’s life to bond with him/her too – Dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, older brothers and sisters – and become more confident in handling a tiny baby and learning to communicate with her/him. 

Regular body massage helps muscles to relax through healthy deep breathing while Little Herbs’ Baby Oil gives the skin nourishment and protection, and touch triggers natural development of the nervous system. If your Little One suffers from colic, constipation or wind, gently massaging his/her tummy can alleviate discomfort.  Massaging the jaw, cheeks, tiny nostrils and temples can also help with teething, clogged noses and tension – and the list goes on!

There is of course some skill involved in massaging your Little One but it’s not difficult to learn and what is certain is this: the better you become at giving it, the more your baby will benefit and the more you’ll get back in return. Win, win – with pleasure!




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