Soothing Salve: 10 great uses (at least!)

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Little Herbs’ Soothing Salve is, quite simply, a wonder-balm! It’s made with four ingredients but they are the best ingredients possible: rich sweet almond and vitamin-heaped apricot kernel, a spoonful of beeswax and a touch of healing, antiseptic lavender oil – nothing else. The result is a glorious (and totally organic) blend that can help and heal just about anything.

So, here goes, it:

  1. is a brilliant treatment for dry skin and nails (leave it on overnight)
  2. acts as a barrier against wetness (think babies’ bottoms, washing up, gardening)
  3. relieves minor scratches and insect bites
  4. promotes peaceful sleep (a touch under the nostrils, or on a pillow)
  5. eases headaches and tension (massage gently into your temples, or your Little One’s)
  6. soothes mild burns and sunburn
  7. is the perfect lip balm (young, old, adults, babies)
  8. can work on cradlecap
  9. eases bumps and bruises
  10. even works in the bath (a teaspoonful in hot water, yummm!)

There are plenty of other uses, I’m sure. If you have any, let us know – we LOVE hearing from you!

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