The golden qualities of marigolds

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Marigolds are truly wonderful. The botanical Latin name is Calendula Officinalis and most gardeners would say it's one of the easiest plants to grow (although I'm not sure I'd agree!). One thing is for sure, though: it is one of the all-time great skin herbs. Herbalists know it as a true ‘vulnerary’ or skin tonic; it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities and its healing ability is legendary.

That's why we use it in our brilliant Baby Balm, winner of the Green Parent Nappy Cream Award. Along with chickweed and chamomile, it soothes irritating rashes (among other things) and helps the skin repair quickly so that Little One's delicate botty is returned promptly to its usual smooth and comfortable state.

Marigold is also a vital part of our Bathe The Mother bath soak, a gentle blend of various skin- and muscle-easing herbs mixed with detoxing Epsom Salts. A perfect way to take away the strains of early motherhood and help revitalise the body after ... well...quite a tough experience!



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