How do you soothe your Baby?

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How do you soothe your Baby?

There's nothing more distressing than a grizzly baby. The trouble is, of course, that they can't tell you what's wrong, and you've done all the usual things like making sure:

  • s/he's not hungry,
  • wet (or worse),
  • his clothes aren't rumpled up
  • her isn't arm tucked uncomfortably underneath her back
  • feeling lonely
  • being afraid, maybe of a new person or situation

And yet, despite all those checks, your little one simply won't be quieted and you can feel concern rising in your throat to the point of agitation. You think there's something drastic, some appalling illness that's overcome your baby and is threatening her. The likelihood is though that the problem is something that you can sort out.

So what could the matter be? There are plenty more “perhaps it's”

  • a touch of colic
  • teething
  • a tummy ache
  • too much loud noise or upset going on around and about
  • a disturbance of a well-known routine

Firstly, you need to keep calm and that's not always easy. Signs of real illness usually make themselves known – a high temperature or racing heartbeat, floppiness, sudden silence, and so on. More often than not, the baby needs a little nurturing comfort. You could try putting on some soothing music or sounds of the sea or rain, or giving him a massage, or having a bath and a little play, or a drop of weak chamomile tea in her bottle.

Chamomile is a wonderful soother, in all sorts of guises. Little Herbs uses chamomile in Bathe The Baby bath soak, because it's known to calm both skin and irritability (what more could you want?). We mix it with ground oats and corn, each offering skin-protective layers, along with a touch of lavender, well-known for its cleansing and calming properties. All round, this mix can be a winner in the baby soothing stakes.

Chamomile is also one of the three wonders of the herbal world when it comes to skin healing and protection, which is why it's in our Baby Balm – so good for nappy rash and other minor complaints. But more of that another day.

ALWAYS TEST FIRST! It is wise to make sure that your baby isn't sensitive or indeed allergic to any particular product or herb. So before you go headlong into using something new on your little one, do a little test. Rub a bit of chamomile herb on his tummy or inner arm and keep an eye out for any redness or swelling. Or make some chamomile tea and give the baby a sip or two. If they’re allergic to it, a typical reaction would be a runny nose, itching, sneezing, swelling the development of a rash. In which case, of course, stop!

The most likely outcome is that all is well and that you will find Chamomile the most useful of herbs for treating your baby – to calm her, deal with skin ailments, teething, indigestion and so much more!


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