What to do about sore throats and colds

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What to do about sore throats and colds

There seem to be so many sniffles around rigt now. Hankies and tissues all over the place!

I've just come back from Hong Kong where a lot of people walk round wearing surgical masks.  I thought it was due to the pollution or a fear of other people's germs. But, no! A young friend told me that people wear them as a matter of politeness, so that others won't catch the wearer's germs!  Now there's thoughtfulness. (As it happens, crowded, bustling, bursting HK offered us nothing but the most charming courtesy on the streets, in shops and eating places, never mind in our hotel. Quite an eye-opener!)

But back home - and to Great British sniffles. Given the rainfall lately, and what have seemed endless grey days, it's no surprise that the cold germ has been rampant. But here at Little Herbs we make a brew that can rid you of those nasty symptoms pretty quickly. It's easy and quick to make - and tastes delicious.

For coughs, colds and sore throats

A lot of people who have tried this, swear by it.

This is what you do:


  1. Crush one clove of garlic
  2. One tablespoon chopped/grated fresh ginger root (about 3cms of root, don't bother to peel)
  3. Three teaspoons of chopped fresh (or 1 of dried) rosemary                             
  4. Three teaspoons of chopped fresh (or 1 of dried) sage or thyme
  5. Juice of one lemon 
  6. One tablespoon of honey

METHOD: Put items 1-4 in a teapot or jug; pour 200-300mls of boiling water over them. Leave to steep for 10 mins. Strain into a clean cup; stir in lemon juice and honey.
It should be cool enough to sip straight away.

You can vary the herbs: sage is drying so it's good for a very wet cold, thyme is super-antiseptic so great for a dry,sore throat. Marjoram is great too, or peppermint. Fresh is best but dried will certainly be useful. Don't worry too much about quantities: bung in an extra clove of garlic, or more lemon and honey, or more herbs. You will find your way to the variation you like best.

DOSAGE: Take three times a day – or more if you like.

Safe for adults and children although you might want to make it a little weaker for children (5 mins infusion).




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