Bath time for Baby

Bath time for Baby

Bath time can be full of mystery and fear for a new mum.  How often do I bath her?  Should I use any soap?  When should he bathe?  How much water?  How long?  What’s the right water temperature?  And a million more questions …

But bath time is fun, once you’ve mastered the knack.  When the baby is newborn, s/he doesn’t necessarily need a daily bath. S/he does need cleansing though – what’s known as top-and-tailing. 

For a proper bath, it’s easiest if you have a baby bath rather than struggle with bending over the edge of a full-sized bath.  You can see here exactly the best way to do it:

Your baby’s skin is incredibly delicate and does need protecting, so be careful!  In hard water areas washing your baby with just water may disturb the balance of your baby’s skin and dry it out.  It may need a little help by way of something soothing in the bath.

Little Herbs Bathe The Baby is a mix of cornflour and ground oats both of which have anti-inflammatory properties, soothe itchy skin and calm rashes.  Oatmeal also contains natural saponins, or cleansing agents, which do their job gently but effectively, leaving a protective layer on the skin.

The mix also contains some extremely handy herbs:  lavender, chamomile and calendula.  Lavender is a true wonder, full of usefulness. It too is a natural cleanser, healer, pain-reducer, calming agent and sleep inducer, a characteristic it shares (famously) with chamomile.  Chamomile and calendula are both brilliant at soothing and healing too.

The alternative bath additive is a slurp of Little Herbs Baby Oil  This is carefully blended to be of serious goodness to little people’s skin.  One of the main ingredients is sunflower oil.  Premature and very young babies can be at increased risk of nasty infections because their skin is under-developed and lacks full barrier protection.  A study in the Lancet shows anointing the skin with sunflower seed oil helps restore this barrier to reduce the incidence infections. It also contains rosehip seed which is packed with goodness – vitamins galore, trace elements and Omega 6 and 3. It keeps skin well-nourished, healthy and can help protect your baby’s skin from dryness.

So – a pair of unbeatable goodies for your baby’s bath.   Leave the worries to us while you enjoy a cosy, chatty bath time with your precious little one.

(Picture painted by Arthur John Elsley (20 November 1860 – 19 February 1952)

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