Make it easy on yourself - naturally!

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Make it easy on yourself - naturally!

Oh, I know we mums should think babies and Little Ones but sometimes it's good to have a rest from the dearlings and think a bit about ourselves.  So I thought it might appeal to think about... your skin.

Healthy skin is not, forgive the pun, simply skin deep.  Great skin is the result of overall health, good diet and exercise and all those things that you read about and hear about every day. You don't need me to tell you – but I can give you a few hints and suggestions.

Skin likes vitamins and particularly Vitamin-C so, when you are thinking about food, think about the immune-boosters and the fighters against those nasty, ageing free-radicals. Think sweet potatoes, spinach, avocados, oranges, and garlic, blueberries and yoghurt, lots of the live stuff. And don't forget carrots. Or walnuts and salmon, and, yes, raw chocolate, kiwis and tomatoes. There are plenty to choose from and thousands of combinations to delight you - and keep you and your body in glorious nick.

More directly, you can use any one, or several, foods to make marvellous washes and face masks. Think honey, oats, strawberries, or any of the above (barring perhaps salmon and garlic!). To make it very easy, take a handful of, say, three of them, whizz them up. You could add an egg. Then slap them on to a clean face. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Your skin will, I promise, feel great.

Or, if you want to relax, and give your liver, indeed your whole system, a bit of a rest, have a cup of tea. Herbal tea. Fresh herbal tea. Never mind those dusty herbs you can buy packaged in teabags. I'm talking newly plucked leaves. Look to your garden or window box, or kitchen-sill: find rosemary, or unbelievably delicious basil, or sage, thyme, mint and – please don't forget it – lemon balm. Or maybe some sweet cicely and lovage, and a touch of dandelion. Gather in bunches of two or three different herbs, nothing too extravagant, but enough to fill – loosely – a cup. Chop or tear them roughly, pop them in a teapot – or even better a cafetiere if you have one – and pour on boiling water. Leave for a few minutes and enjoy the green. It's beautiful. Sieve it – or plunge it. If you prefer it slightly sweet, add a touch of honey or agave syrup. Sip it. Love it.

Your rest has now become a fantastic boost to your system – and your skin. And, I think, a very enjoyable one.

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