The wonders of Soothing Salve

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The wonders of Soothing Salve

This is, without doubt, an all-purpose wonder-salve!  It's made very simply with just four ingredients (and I don't know about you but I like to keep things simple and pure, whether I'm cooking or making skin care. I don't then have to worry about ingredients reacting against each other or, indeed, not understanding what each ingredient's task is - but that's me. Simple minded.)

The blend of oils, apricot kernel and sweet almond, is crucial. Both are nurturing and full of nourishment, rich but absorbent, packed with vitamins and all that leads to skin healing. To thicken the oils, I've added beeswax because it too has similar qualities, as well as an added ability to keep the oil where you want it - ie on and in the skin without preventing the skin's ability to breathe properly while also acting as a useful barrier to germs.

Lastly, there's lavender. Where to start? The name is from the Latin 'to wash', and it's a very handy cleansing agent but it has a long list of other benefits.

The lavender has skin healing properties and acts as an antiseptic too: it's the only essential oil that can be used directly on the skin. It can help restore the complexion and reduce the affects and frequency of acne, psoriasis and eczema.

And it has astonishingly good calming properties too: you can apply a touch to your temples to banish headaches. Or on your top lip, or your baby's pillow, to promote peaceful sleep

So all in all, this blend of goodies makes Soothing Salve a great choice for all sorts of minor skin irritations, grazes, slight rashes, sore lips and fingernails. And, of course, it's splendid for baby's bottoms too.  Use it as a barrier against grime,  and scratches before you start your tough gardening tasks  - or any other mucky household chore.  Anything, in fact, for which you might have - in the past - used petroleum jelly. (Petroleum jelly is of course a mineral oil; it is an heavy oil derivative, does not sink into the skin and will eventually act as a drying agent rather than a moisturiser.)

HANDY HINT: TREAT YOUR HANDS AND NAILS.  This salve can be a great help to overwrought hands that need particular attention.   Clean your hands thoroughly (you could try theHerbal Hand Cleanser at Then smooth in some Soothing Salve, giving special rub into nails and knuckles.  Then work some of Great Elm hand cream into your hands.   They will feel fabulous!


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