For Mum

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 Mothers worry. They are very good at it - and we are too.

Here on Apple Island we worry about finding the best, purest ingredients for our recipes. We worry about making sure that our skincare does what it says it will do. We have done a lot of worrying - so that you don't have to, at least not about what you on your baby's skin, and yours.
Little Herbs skincare is pure, simple and totally natural.
We use traditional seeds, plants, honey and beeswax from the English country garden because we understand them: they grow around us, our bodies are used to them. So we don't have to worry about odd things happening with an exotic herb because it has been badly sourced or not fully understood.
  • Every Little Herb is 100% organic.
  • Every Little Herb is mercifully free from harmful ingredients: NO colourants, phoney aromas, NO thickeners, mineral oil or lanolin: NO parabens or laurates or Genetically Modified Organisms, gelatin or fillers.
  • Every Little Herb is tested only on Willing Human Beings, never animals.
  • Every Little Herb is made as simply as possible so a little bit of every Little Herb goes a long, long way.
 So you see: you don't have to worry. At least not about Little Herbs.