You and your baby

Having a baby is a joy.

But you will worry. A lot.



We can’t take away all your concerns of course but we can provide the very best skin care for you and your baby.

Little Herbs are pure, nutritious and healing.

We use traditional English country garden plants, seed oils, honey and beeswax.

We like to keep things simple and we never use anything nasty.

No colourants; no fillers,‘parfums’, chemical preservatives; no mineral oils, no alcohol.

Just pure, simple, natural nourishment and healing for tender skin.

Made in England for you.

A baby's delicate new skin needs the utmost care to ensure it is protected and nurtured safely. At Little Herbs we believe that simplest is best.
We follow the old herbalists's rule of using the best possible ingredients and the fewest possible. That way each and every ingredient has the best chance of doing its job to the max.
Little Herbs uses only the purest organic oils, the most effective traditional garden herbs, plant waxes, honey and beeswax - each and every ingredient from certified organic sources.
Oh, and we prefer to use things from the English country garden.  There's something commonsensical in it - we grow up and live with these plants and products, they surround us, we're used to them. There's nothing unknown or unfamiliar about them. We understand them. And maybe they understand us, or at least our bodies, rather better than we realise.