New Mum Essentials organic skincare gift set

Little Herbs


New mothers have plenty to worry about - having to think about skincare safety can sometimes seem beyond troublesome.  Little Herbs is on the case with pure, simple, effective skincare that is a pleasure to use. And each one is 100% organic.

Firstly, Tummy Rub can help restore overwrought skin back to its former glory. Then, because that dear little baby can be a touch, erm, eager, Breast Balm is designed to soothe and ease the rigours of feeding, safely. Finally, delectable Soothing Salve - a brilliant all-rounder – can be used for dry lips, little scratches, or staving off headaches and restoring calm – even sleep – to both mother and baby. Little Herbs wishes you joy.

NOTE: Some products contain nut oils.

    "Great service and fabulous goods: thank you." Anne M., Ludlow

    Tested only on Willing Human Beings.
    With love from Apple Island. In Somerset.

    You will find a story about the characters who live on Apple Island inside every pack from Little Herbs.

    You can listen to the Little Herbs songs NOW by clicking on

    Baby Oil 

    Tummy Rub

    Breast Balm

    Bump Butter 

    Soothing Salve

    Baby Balm

    Songs are written by Charles Nevin, music by Kiran Pearce, sung by Alice Marlow-Stevens.


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