Mother's Little Helpers - gift set for new mums

Little Herbs


A great collection of pure and practical skincare goodies that can be used by a new mum without having to worry about any nasty ingredients. Firstly, there is Tummy Rub designed to help restore tense and over-wrought skin through daily massaging from breast to thigh. Breast Balm is designed (with due concern for babies) to soothe and heal distressed nipples quickly. New Mother will soon be able to deal once more with the demands of the Little One’s eager appetite. Alongside these fiercely necessary items is a pair of utterly relaxing soaks – one for the bath and one for the hard-pressed feet. And we popped in a very useful little bag-sized Soothing Salve to banish tension and soothe the skin. Every Little Herb is gratefully free from harmful ingredients. Each is packed full of nature's beautiful bounty. And each is 100% organic.

    • Gift box contains: Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil (100ml glass bottle), Breast Balm (50ml glass jar); Bathe the Mother Soak (200ml); Relieve the Feet Soak (200ml), Soothing Salve (15ml).
    • Packed in a keepsake box with magnetic catch approx 28cm x 22cm x 11cm.
    • Giftwrapped in leaf print film, white ribbon, gift wrap

      Tested only on Willing Human Beings.
      With love from Apple Island. In Somerset.

      You will find a story about the characters who live on Apple Island inside every pack from Little Herbs.

      You can listen to the Little Herbs songs NOW by clicking on

      Baby Oil 

      Tummy Rub

      Breast Balm

      Bump Butter 

      Soothing Salve

      Baby Balm

      Songs are written by Charles Nevin, music by Kiran Pearce, sung by Alice Marlow-Stevens.

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