Teething beads

Little Herbs


Babies like chewing on - well - almost anything when their teeth are beginning to show through. So why not give them something designed especially for them?

These teethers are made with the highest quality teething beads, of food-grade silicone, non-toxic BPA-free.

The beads are threaded with strong, hygenic string joined with a breakable snap fastener to avoid any dangers.

The wooden rings are of untreated organic beech, a smooth-grained wood that doesn't splinter and is hard enough to endure a good chew!

Oh, and the great thing is this: you can wash them in the dishwasher! What could be easier? Better?

When we put these together, we like a bit of variety. So your teething circlet is unique. 

Tell us which one you want - A,B,C or D (working from left to right). Or the chic black and white one maybe?

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