Little Herbs Travel Set

Keep your Little Herbs to hand when you're on the go. This box contain six essential skin healing beauties to provide the best care for you and your baby while you're away from home. So you won't have to worry about airport restrictions or too much stuff to carry around and you won't have to fret about leaving them behind. Try our six Little Herbs - and you'll love them!


What our customers say:

Yay! Finally I can RAVE about how much I LOVE this wonderful, ADORABLE, convenient set!! It starts off with super CUTE presentation of this Organic, wonderful smelling mum & baby set! A delightful way to either first time sample these AMAZING products or bring them on travel (holiday) with you!! I just LOVE the super CUTE Baby massage oil & stretch mark oil bottles! I plan to keep them after use! Plus the sweet faced little tins of all different balm and butter!! The scent of all is just divine!! LOVE them! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all to try this super beneficial set!  (Karen Fuller, Honolulu, US)





Little Herbs are pure, nutritious and healing and 100% organic.

We like traditional English country garden plants, seed oils, honey and beeswax.

We like to keep things simple, using only the best ingredients. Every Little Herb is mercifully free from harmful ingredients. We never use anything nasty: no colourants or cheap fillers, or phoney aromas, or chemical preservatives; no mineral oils, no alcohol. Just pure, simple, natural nourishment and healing for tender skin - made by hand for you.

Little Herbs thought you might like to try our whole range, in convenient travel/trial sizes.

In our Little Herbs specially designed, beautiful, box, you will find:

Baby Oil

Wonderful for a soothing, bonding massage. Gentle skin-nurturing oils to nourish and maintain the right balance to keep your baby’s skin in peak condition. Sunflower oil is medically proven to restore and protect the skin’s vital natural barrier. Use a few drops in bath water. Can help with irritable dry patches

Tummy Rub

This nutritious blend of oils, full of vitamins, helps condition sensitive skin during pregnancy and beyond, easing the discomfort of expanding skin. Designed to keep skin supple and well fed to prevent stretch marks by aiding elasticity and cell-repair. Its superlative heart-lightening aroma will elevate a sense of well-being.

Soothing Salve

All-purpose wonder-salve! Great for soothing skin troubles. And a brilliant mood-calmer. Lavender is mildly antiseptic and, along with rich seed oils, used for healing. For grazes, rashes, sore lips, babies’ bottoms - or your hands. Lavender aroma can also dispel headaches, and encouraging peaceful sleep in all age groups.

Baby Balm

Banish nappy rash with this gentle balm designed to promote healing and protect delicate skin. Calendula, chamomile and chickweed, three traditional skin-calming herbs work hard to soothe and heal soreness and rashes. Creates a breathable, healthy barrier to keep skin well-protected against harsh nappy wetness.

Bump Butter

Ideal for a burgeoning bump. This rich, pure, quickly absorbed, skin-loving butter can aid the stresses and strains of an increasingly taut tummy, helping to heal and soothe. Full of healthy, regenerative oils of rosehip, almond, apricot and sunflower seeds which help prevent damage to tissue. Mother and baby friendly.

Breast Balm

Nurture those nipples! Cosset those breasts! This brilliant balm can bring an bring instant relief to sore, cracked nipples and sensitive distended skin. Mother and baby-friendly prunus oils with honey and beeswax aid rapid repair and offer protection. Also useful for regular breast massage to help maintain breast health.




Little Herbs Sampler Set contains:

Baby Oil (30ml glass bottle), Tummy Rub (30ml glass bottle), Breast Balm (15ml aluminium tin),Bump Butter (15ml aluminium tin), Soothing Salve (15ml aluminium tin), Baby Balm (15ml aluminium tin).

Packed in a bespoke box (with its own Apple Island story) approx 11cm x 8cm x 4cm.


30ml.jpgglass bottle, aluminium lid x 2

15ml.jpgaluminium tin, lined lid x 4

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